Healthy Stadia Concept

Enabling Clubs to Influence Health and Behaviour

Millions of people across Europe and around the world attend a sports stadium each week to watch their team play, to work, to volunteer or to use the arena’s facilities. At Healthy Stadia, we provide guidance and project support to enable clubs to utilise their stadia as a vehicle to influence the health and behaviour of these individuals and those living in the surrounding communities.

“Healthy Stadia are… those which promote the health and wellbeing of visitors, fans, players, employees and the surrounding community… places where people can go to have a positive healthy experience playing or watching sport.”

The Healthy Stadia Model

Inspired by the World Health Organisation’s concept of ‘health promoting settings’, the Healthy Stadia model takes a holistic approach to promoting health to a cross-section of population groups, including fans, local communities and stadium staff. In practice, the Healthy Stadia concept has three primary areas of concern:

Stadium-based policies and practices

Promoting a healthier environment or healthier choices, for example tobacco-free stadium policies or commitment to providing healthier catering options.

Community and fan health

Including a wide range of public health improvement initiatives, often delivered by club community departments or foundations, such as men’s health interventions, physical activity programmes for school children, tobacco and substance misuse projects, active aging programmes and mental health interventions.

Health and wellbeing policies and practices for stadium and club workforces

Including active travel (walking and cycling) incentives, provision of health checks, free use of club gym/training facilities, and workforce development.