Sugary Drinks Awareness

The GULP! programme

Give Up Loving Pop or GULP! is programme that raises awareness of the health harms associated with the over-consumption of sugary drinks and the benefits of staying hydrated for health, educational attainment and sporting performance.

Why Give Up Loving Pop?

While many people, including children, are aware of the negative impact of sugary drinks on their teeth, fewer are aware of the link between sugary drinks, weight gain and other diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

GULP! seeks to change this

Starting off as a hard-hitting campaign to expose the shady marketing practices of the sugary drinks industry, GULP! has evolved and the team has developed a primary school resource to engage children in the discussion around sugary drinks and their health.

The resource consists of PowerPoint presentations, classroom-based games and physical activity sessions, that cover why we should Give Up Loving Pop, how to identify the sugar content in various drinks and the importance of hydration in relation to both educational attainment and sporting performance.

Using a ‘train the trainer’ approach Healthy Stadia can build capacity in your organisation and train your club’s community coaches to deliver these sessions either in primary schools, using your own facilities or other community sessions.


For more information download the GULP! Brochure

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