Active Voice

Active Voice

In the WHO European Region, physical inactivity or the failure to meet minimum recommend activity guidelines, accounts for around one million deaths per year, 8.3 million disability adjusted life years and causes 5.5% of the burden of disease from coronary heart disease, 6.8% from type 2 diabetes and 9.8% from colon cancer.

EU Physical Activity Guidelines

High levels of sedentary behaviour, defined as any activity characterised by low levels of energy expenditure and a sitting or reclining posture, are associated with adverse health outcomes and increased mortality. Unfortunately, these associations are independent of levels of physical activity. Yet the health risks of high levels of sedentary time are rarely recognised and poorly understood by both the general public and even within the physical activity and sports sector.

The Active Voice project was commissioned to build capacity in civil society organisations to engage in active, cross-sector advocacy for the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

It is expected that Healthy Stadia will contribute to the project primarily through collections of good practices, pilot studies, training events with grassroots sports organisations and dissemination of project activities and key results, although this role is likely to evolve as the project develops.

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Funding: DG EAC (Erasmus + Programme); 36 months: 2016-2019; Grant Agreement No. 2015-3510/001-001