At its best, sport can bring people together, no matter who they are, where they are from or how they play. This is why sport is widely considered to be a universal language – it attracts interest from virtually every demographic.

The unique power of sport holds huge potential for public health and health promotion as participation in sport is implicitly linked with health and wellbeing.

However, whilst sports teams, athletes and stadia can be used to help advocate for healthier lifestyles, these very same assets are often used to promote products and services that many consider to be harmful to health.

Healthy Stadia is advocating that sport should recognise its responsibility to the health and wellbeing of its fans, including children and young people, by creating a space where everyone can have a positive healthy experience playing or watching sport.

Take a look at our two campaign streams below which focus on:

  • Promoting health and wellbeing through the power of sport
  • Scrutinising brands, products and services that choose to associate themselves through sport



World Heart Day

Discover how UEFA Member Associations support the world's largest cardiovascular disease prevention campaign


Sponsorship of Sport

Sport is saturated with marketing and advertising of unhealthy products and services such as alcohol, gambling, junk food and soft drinks - how can sport respond?

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Stadia Guidance

Support for stadia to introduce health-promoting policies


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Research Projects

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