Countdown To World Heart Day – Get Your Stadium Involved!

Countdown To World Heart Day – Get Your Stadium Involved!

Stadia and Clubs Support World Heart Day 2011: Thursday 29th September 2011

World Heart Day was created in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.1 million lives annually. Together with its members, the World Heart Federation (WHF) spreads the news that 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided if the main risk factors, tobacco, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, are controlled.
World Heart Day will now take place on 29 September each year when local and national activities such as public talks and screenings, walks and runs, concerts or sporting events are organised worldwide by members and partners of the WHF.

The Theme for Activities this Year is: ‘One World, One Home, One Heart’:

‘One World’

With the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) having taken place in New York, World Heart Day presents a great opportunity to communicate messages about the meeting outcomes, and the importance of elevating NCDs up the global health agenda.

‘One Home’

This year WHF calls on individuals to reduce their own and their family’s risk of heart disease and stroke. WHF asks people to take charge of their home’s heart health by choosing healthy food options, increasing physical activity, and saying no to tobacco.

‘One Heart’

As always, the emphasis will be on improving heart health across all nations.

What Your Organisation and Stadium Can Do

We would ask all stakeholders of the European Healthy Stadia Network to support World Heart Day (WHD) by making sure it is mentioned on their website and through communications channels such as newsletters, e-bulletins and social media near to 29th September. Please link your organisation to:

In addition, organisations and stadia can:

• Go to the WHF’s website link and complete the on-line form which will allow you to download easy to use guidance on activities and media engagement, and materials such as the 2011 World Heart Day poster and information leaflet to localise, print off and distribute within your organisation and local communities

• Make use of the WHD banner image and logo in the run up to 29th September on notice boards, stadium screens, websites etc.

• Why not use WHD as a platform to organise a walk, run, cycle ride, aerobics class, or charity football match in the name of WHD that could benefit a local heart foundation

• One effective way of maximizing heart health messages and publicity for WHD is to offer your national heart association or cardiology society who are WHF members (e.g. British Heart Foundation) the opportunity of having a stand/desk at key stadium events to distribute leaflets/promote WHD to the general public

• If a stadium or sports association wants to be put in contact with the heart association within their own country, please contact us and we will be pleased to forward on relevant contact detail

• Finally – join the call to action to take charge of your family’s heart health and become your home’s advocate for heart-healthy living. Make your home a place where healthy food options are available, tobacco use is banned and physical activity is encouraged, to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke for your loved ones.

Further Information and Contact Details
European Healthy Stadia Network:

Matthew Philpott –

+44 151 928 7820

World Heart Federation:

Fabienne de Preux –

+41 22 807 03 44



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