Health 25

Health Promotion and Wellbeing for NEETs

Healthy Stadia was lead partner for two work packages delivered as part of the Health 25 project funded by DG SANCO (Health and Consumer Protection). The aim of the project was to improve the health of youths between 16 and 20, who currently do not have a job and are currently not receiving any education or training (NEETs).

Developing a health promotion and wellbeing concept targeting NEET groups and their associated determinants of health from 5 EU countries (UK, Italy, Austria, Denmark and France) was the primary aim of the programme.


  • Creation of a literature review focusing on the social determinants of the target group. Based on this review develop a questionnaire, carry out focus group discussions and make face to face interviews in the partner countries with young people. Summary of the survey and conclusions
  • Development of a pedagogical and psychological concept part including motivation factors of the target group approached for reaching and involving the target group etc.
  • Development of the health training and intervention programme. Physical training for the target group including input and output indicators for physical health determinants.
  • Combination of the two concepts and finalisation of the holistic health training and intervention programme for health promotion for the target group
  • Pilot implementation of the holistic health training and intervention programme for the target group, selection and attraction of representatives of the target group, implementation of the concept
  • Detailed evaluation of the success and improvement factors


The Health 25 project was tested in the five partner countries with promising results. The pilots were conducted by: BBRZ, Austria; Centre of Health Promotion, DK; Regional Centre for Local Development, Training and Job-integration of Young People, FR; Adolescent Centre of Ancona University Hospital, IT and Healthy Stadia, UK.

The pilots all consisted of a combination of physical activity and sports sessions educating participants on healthy lifestyles.

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