Healthy Stadia Conference 2009

Liverpool ACC

Liverpool played host to the first European Healthy Stadia Conference, held on 21st September 2009 at the city’s Arena and Convention Centre (ACC). The conference was attended by 250 participants from 18 countries around the world. This conference was the culmination of the European Healthy Stadia programme, a ground-breaking ‘healthy settings’ project part-funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Consumers.

Through a mixture of keynote speaker presentations and parallel sessions featuring examples of best practice, the conference demonstrated the powerful position of sports stadia to develop initiatives aimed at influencing healthier eating, increased exercise, smoking cessation and men’s health, working jointly with local agencies involved in health, urban regeneration, transport and food and drink supplies. Delegates were addressed by representatives from key national and international sports stadia and sporting organisations, including Liverpool FC, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Olympic Sports Centre Riga, FC Sevilla, London 2012 Olympic Games and UEFA. The conference was also attended by ministerial delegations from Ireland, Italy and Poland.

Some Feedback From Delegates And Speakers On The Day:

“I am pleased to hear that there was a good feedback on the conference. You can be satisfied in running an excellent event.”

Professor Geraint John, Senior Advisor, Populous Sports Architecture

“My congratulations for a great conference. I thought it was really interesting, both in terms of content and networking opportunities.”

Dr Stephan Van den Broucke, Associate Professor, Department of International Health, Maastricht University

“Many thanks for…allowing me to present at your conference. I did indeed enjoy my time in Liverpool and found the conference thought provoking and informative. I look forward to our continued relationship with you.”

Mark Downes, 2012 Olympic Venues Project Director, London Development Agency


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