Platform launched to advance CSR work of clubs


Platform launched to advance CSR work of clubs

RESPONSIBALL, the first social responsibility platform for football club has recently been launched. It is a free-to-use website for football clubs of all sizes in all countries. The platform has been designed to host a community that supports RESPONSIBALL’s motto, ‘football clubs are more than just businesses; they are cultural institutions.’

Light on text, simple to navigate, and easy to use, RESPONSIBALL is built on a framework that encourages the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Clubs, leagues, associations and federations are invited to register. They will be prompted to create a profile page for themselves and their clubs or organisations. They can use the Community section, which is structured to connect practitioners, enables them to upload and share good practices, and compare and progress with other clubs.

One of the first agencies working in the field of CSR to partner with RESPONSIBALL is the European Healthy Stadia Network, who will be offering critical insight into examples of health policies and practices adopted by clubs. RESPONSIBALL is also designed to showcase the great work and potential that lies within the practice of social responsibility at football clubs. It should be informative to fans, sponsors, the media, NGOs and governmental bodies, among other groups.

Piara Powar, Director of the FARE network, European football’s anti-discrimination and social inclusion network, said, “FARE wholeheartedly supports the concept of RESPONSIBALL.

“We hope that professional and amateur football clubs in all countries would benefit greatly from the resources that this platform can provide.

“If these benefits can be transferred, in turn, to the local areas in which those clubs reside, we can expect to see an even greater positive impact of football in communities.”

FARE is among a group of selected expert organisations currently contributing to the platform.

The platform is administered by Schwery Consulting, a Swiss social enterprise. Its Director, Rolf Schwery, explained, “Football clubs are doing great things already. What’s missing is a hub to connect, share and highlight these experiences and to balance it with current knowledge of social responsibility standards. Our intention with RESPONSIBALL is to fill this gap.”

For further details please view the platform – – or contact:
Daniel Cade: +41 79 259 83 61


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