Stadium Benchmarking

Healthy Stadia Assessments

Healthy Stadia has developed a robust assessment framework to help clubs and stadium operators benchmark current policies and practices that relate to public health outcomes, assessing matchday operations, community / fan health interventions and workforce wellness.

In addition to providing a benchmark of current practice, the assessment process also provides a set of recommendations and milestones. This report will assist venues and partner organisations in the implementation of new or revised working practices that can contribute to a healthier stadium environment and meeting the organisation’s corporate and social responsibility objectives.

The benchmarking service is currently used by individual clubs and stadium operators, by tournament operators needing to assess host venues ahead of tournament operations (e.g. Women’s EURO), and has been used to assess UEFA’s club competition finals host venues since 2014, including San Siro Milan, SL Benfica, Berlin Olympic Stadium, Juventus Stadium and National Stadium Warsaw.

How It Works

Healthy Stadia Assessments take the form of a three step process, usually completed over a 6-8 week period. The process consists of:

  • Completion of a baseline survey providing an initial benchmark of current health promoting policies and practices
  • A site inspection and stakeholder meeting with Healthy Stadia, including facilities management, community/CSR staff and any key partners
  • Development of a final report, including set of key recommendations and milestones for stadia operators and tenant clubs.

After the assessment process has been completed, Healthy Stadia remains in close contact with venue and/or club representatives, providing technical support in the implementation of new policies, and strategic support in the development of new local and national partnerships.

Benefits To Stadia & Clubs

Venues undertaking assessments can gain the following benefits:

  • Substantiating health promoting policies and practices at board / executive level
  • Improving fan and customer experience at matches and for non-matchday stadium usage
  • Meeting corporate and social responsibility objectives
  • Establishing new commercial revenue streams
  • Developing new community and commercial partnerships
  • Helping to minimise crowd and disorder problems.

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