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Sports stadia represent a unique opportunity to positively impact health and wellbeing. Over the last decade Healthy Stadia has identified and refined policy guidance across a range of themes, including tobacco control, active travel and healthier catering.

Our guidance documentation is free and is designed to assist national governing bodies, league operators, clubs and stadia across Europe implement policies in support of health, whilst also helping to achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives.

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Tobacco Free Stadia Guidance

Learn about how your stadia can adopt No Smoking policies to protect fans from second-hand smoke


Active Travel Guidance

Find out how you can support walking and cycling to your stadia on a matchday


Healthier Catering

Food preferences are changing - find out how your stadium can adapt

COVID-19 and Sport

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the unique challenge that mass gatherings pose given the risk of transmission, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has provided guidance and risk assessments tools to assist in the planning, organisation and delivery of sporting events.

These tools will be particularly useful for UEFA Member Associations, League Operators and organisers of grassroots sport to assess the health and safety challenges of hosting sporting fixtures and events in and between their respective host countries in the months and possibly years to follow the initial outbreak of COVID-19.


Mass Gatherings and Sports Events

Guidance for sports organisations from elite level to grassroots sport and physical activity

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