RESPECT your Health – Euroschools 2012

RESPECT your Health – Euroschools 2012 – was the official community health education programme for UEFA EURO 2012. The project promoted healthy lifestyle with a focus on smoking prevention, healthy diets, moderation in alcohol consumption, and physical activity engaging over 10,000 young people and their parents in Poland and Ukraine. The programme was coordinated by sports development organisation streetfootballworld, and supported by a host of partners including the European Healthy Stadia Network and World Heart Federation.

Skill Up Local Activators

Based on a ‘train the trainer’ approach, local institutions and NGOs in the eight UEFA EURO 2012 host cities were empowered to activate their communities and promote good health. Healthy Stadia’s role in the project was to develop a toolkit and series of training modules to skill up local ‘activators’ such as coaches, teachers and community leaders on how to use the power of football and other sports to engage communities, increase health literacy levels and establish a common feeling of ownership for community sports grounds. The project culminated in early August with a ‘European Youth Camp’ when

children from all 53 UEFA nations will get together in Wroclaw, Poland, for 4 days of intercultural exchange, health awareness, football and fun.

Healthy Stadia also worked with UEFA on protecting fans from the dangers of second hand smoke by declaring EURO 2012 a ‘tobacco-free’ tournament, meaning a ban on the use, sale and promotion of tobacco in all stadiums during EURO 2012. The decision to ban tobacco for the first time at the European Football Championships was the culmination of 18 months partnership work between the European Healthy Stadia Network, World Heart Federation, the World Health Organisation and UEFA.