60th Anniversary Tournament

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA EURO 2020 is scheduled to be the 16th UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organised by Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA EURO, the next edition of the tournament will be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020.

Health assessments of all host venues for UEFA EURO 2020 have been commissioned by UEFA as part of the Respect Your Health Programme that will be coordinated by European Healthy Stadia Network. The project will run across all host venues and will focus on the following key themes:

  • Elimination of second-hand smoke at venues through enforcement of a rigorous No Smoking policy applying to all stadium users
  • Promotion of walking and cycling to host venues as a health and sustainable mode of transport
  • Promotion of healthier food and drink options at catering kiosks within host venues
  • Promotion of responsible alcohol consumption, training of stewards and policy recommendations
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Tobacco Control

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Active Travel

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Healthier Catering

Alcohol Policy

Tobacco Free Stadia

As with previous editions of the EURO, UEFA will implement a ‘No Tobacco’ policy at UEFA EURO 2020 with the aim of eliminating second-hand smoke from all areas within the stadium bowl. The primary reason for implementing a Tobacco-Free stadium policy is to protect children and young people from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

The rule will apply to all stadium users, including VIPs, in all areas of the stadium. Anyone wanting to smoke may be allowed to do so in open air designated smoking areas which may be available at some host venues, but not all.

Walking and Cycling to Host Stadia

As part of the mobility plan for UEFA EURO 2020, walking and cycling to host venues will be widely promoted to fans, volunteers and staff as a sustainable and healthy mode of transport to and from host venues. Software within the main tournament mobile application will encourage stadium users to walk or cycle to host stadia and will provide directions in addition to information on city bike schemes and cycle locking facilities.

The ambition is to increase the amount of physical activity undertaken by fans and to reduce congestion and emissions from private vehicles, contributing to a more sustainable tournament.

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UEFA EURO 2020 Map 2

12 Stadia, 12 Cities, 12 Countries

Following an extensive bidding process, UEFA EURO 2020 will be hosted in the following countries:

  • Amsterdam
  • Baku
  • Bilbao
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen

  • Dublin
  • Glasgow
  • London
  • Munich
  • Rome
  • St Petersburg

Healthier Catering

Healthy Stadia will work with relevant UEFA departments, host cities and host venues to promote healthier food and drink options as the easiest choice for fans to make. There will be a specific focus on: prominent display of healthier options; specific promotion of healthier options on menu boards; competitive pricing of healthier catering options at kiosks; and, supply of meat-free options.

Owing to summer temperatures and existing infrastructure in host stadia, Healthy Stadia will also be campaigning for free drinking water to be available to all fans on a matchday.

Amsterdam Arena Kiosk 1

Responsible Drinking

UEFA recently amended Article 36 of its Safety and Security Regulations (distribution of alcohol), in favour of: “a policy allowing (not requiring) such sale and distribution [of alcohol], but subject at all times to national and local laws”.

We’ll be working closely with UEFA to ensure all stewards receive specific training on how to recognise signs of over-consumption in order to reduce alcohol-related harm and will support the development of a protocol for dealing with these situations. Specific attention will also be give the to detection of fans in possession of illicit alcohol.

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