World Heart Day 2018: Resources

About World Heart Day

World Heart Day is organised by the World Heart Federation (WHF) and supported by UEFA and their social responsibility partner for health, Healthy Stadia. In 2018, UEFA is specifically encouraging the football family to support World Heart Day (WHD) by raising awareness of heart health and healthier lifestyle through its Member Associations, League Operators and domestic clubs.

On this page you will find a range of resources that your National Association / Federation or Football Club can use in support of this year’s campaign, but we would encourage you to develop your own content taking inspiration from the resources on this page. Click the button to learn more about World Heart Day 2017.

World Heart Day 2018: Football Toolkit

The World Heart Day 2017 Football Toolkit is designed to help your football association and domestic clubs promote World Heart Day through key communications channels, such as website, social media and PR.

In addition, we have also provided guidance on how to develop simple actions in support of World Heart Day in the weeks preceding or immediately after 29th September 2017. The main aim of developing these activities is to make stadium environments ‘heart health promoting’ i.e. environments that make it easier for fans, visitors and staff to make healthier lifestyle choices.

This year we are asking national associations to consider greater promotion of walking and cycling to football stadia as a healthy and sustainable form of transport, and we have provided specific guidance on how to achieve this.

Organise a Photocall

UEFA Member Associations are encouraged to develop player-driven World Heart Day content by taking advantage of training camps prior to Matchday 1 (6-8 September) and Matchday 2 (9-11 September) of the UEFA Nations League. Any content generated can then be shared both on World Heart Day (29 September) but also during Matchday 3 (11-13 October).

We would also encourage league operators and domestic football clubs to generate content in the same way for circulation on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September.

Take a look at the images in the slider to see the type of content UEFA Member Associations have produced for previous World Heart Day campaigns.

Level 1 Support for World Heart Day

We have provided two template press releases that your national association or football club can use to promote World Heart Day 2017 to your supporters. The first is a generic release that outlines the overarching goals of WHD2017 and the second can be used should you wish to organise a Fanwalk to your stadia during a fixture close to September 29th.

Create Your Own Poster

The World Heart Federation have provided you with access to a campaign poster template in InDesign that you can customise with your own background photos. Images should convey passion and energy so please consider using images of players or fans celebrating. Please refer to page 6 of the World Heart Toolkit for more information on organising a photocall.

Worldwide Activities

Share details of your events with the World Heart Day community. Complete our simple form to be featured on our map.