World Heart Day

Raising Awareness of Heart Health

World Heart Day is the world’s largest cardiovascular disease prevention campaign and is celebrated each year on 29 September. Individuals, families, communities, organisations and governments around the world participate in activities on World Heart Day to take charge of their heart health.

Since 2014, the World Heart Federation, UEFA and Healthy Stadia have collaborated, leveraging support from UEFA’s Member Associations and other members of the European football family to promote heart healthy messages to fans during international fixtures at the end of September and early October, to coincide with World Heart Day.

Toolkit Development

Healthy Stadia works closely with UEFA and World Heart Federation to provide a bespoke toolkit each year for UEFA Member Associations to support World Heart Day, primarily through digital communications and social media, but also simple matchday, community and organisational actions.

By leveraging their assets, such as sports stadia and sports stars, UEFA Member Association’s can promote heart healthy messages to their fans online. Many UEFA Member Associations go much further, using World Heart Day to launch new programmes that help to tackle cardiovascular disease across the life course.

Interest and support for World Heart Day has grown significantly, rising from six participating Member Associations in 2015 to 32 in 2019. To date, 42 individual UEFA Member Associations have supported World Heart Day.

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Annual Campaigns