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The European Healthy Stadia Network CIC or Healthy Stadia is a social enterprise based in the UK that works with professional and amateur sports clubs, league operators, governing bodies of sport across Europe to develop sports clubs and their stadia as health-promoting environments.

Over the last 10 years Healthy Stadia has established a portfolio of work both locally and internationally. Working with professional sports clubs, governing bodies of sport and public health agencies, we are well-equipped to design and deliver public health interventions in sports settings at any level. Collaboration is key to our success, and our network now extends to sports stadia, clubs, governing bodies of sport and research institutes across Europe.

In addition to developing guidance documentation, case studies, toolkits and undertaking bespoke ‘Healthy Stadia Assessments’ with clubs, Healthy Stadia also share examples of current good practice amongst the network and advocates on key public health issues within sport.

Research and Advocacy

  • Advocating for policy change and legislation improving levels of health through sports settings e.g. smoke-free stadia across Europe
  • Contribution to EU funded projects in the cross-cutting fields of sport and health as both partner and practitioner

Policy Guidance

  • Dissemination of guidance documents and sharing of good practice case studies amongst network members
  • Development of bespoke ‘Healthy Stadia Manifestos’ for professional sports clubs

Project Management

  • Programme management and partner recruitment for community health projects in line with local health needs, e.g. reducing childhood obesity
  • Healthy Stadia can help your organisation explore funding streams to fund new and existing programmes


  • Direct support for sports stadia, clubs & governing bodies in the implementation of health policies & practices at sports venues
  • Capacity building in clubs community trusts and charitable foundations to deliver a wide range of interventions from smoking cessation to becoming ‘dementia friendly’

Healthy Stadia Assessments

  • Benchmarking of health policies & practices at clubs / stadia, with follow up recommendations & action plan
  • Provide specialist health consultancy and ‘on the ground’ support for stadia and national governing bodies during major sporting events


Sports stadia represent a unique opportunity to positively impact health and wellbeing. Over the last decade Healthy Stadia has identified and refined policy guidance across a range of themes, including tobacco control, active travel and healthier catering.

Our guidance documentation is free and is designed to assist national governing bodies, league operators, clubs and stadia across Europe implement policies in support of health, whilst also helping to achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives.



Tobacco Free Stadia Guidance

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Healthier Catering

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